High end speaker

Active MFB  -  Current drive  -  Equalizer  -  Connectivity

OLORON is the new high end active speaker housing the most advanced technologies in the field, for dazzling sound reproduction.

As all the basic electronics are on board (sound processors, amplifiers), advanced features may also be implemented. First of all, OLORON revives the well known Motional FeedBack (acronym MFB), a major and unique technology for improving sound quality.
MFB senses the accelerations of the cone of the woofer (acceleration is proportional to the sound pressure felt by ear), and feedbacks it to the incoming acoustic signal. Resulting from that a more accurate output, free from distorsion, extended far in the bass frequency domain.

Despite what you may read or hear about the Voltage Drive (very low output impedance), which is the current technology in the field of power amplifiers, it is not the common sense way to drive an electrodynamic loudspeaker which is inherently inductive. A control by a voltage source introduces significant non-linearities and leads to the production of distortions in certain situations.

In contrast, a control by a current source (transconductance amplifier with very high output impedance) notably reduces these non-linearities, but at the cost of a much greater difficulty of implementation.

All OLORON loudspeakers use Current Drive technology.

In some ways, the Current Drive 'sound' could be identified with that of a tube amplifier.

A primary function of a high quality audio system is to be able to adapt to the room and to the ear physiology of the listeners.The OLORON equalizer divides the sound spectrum into 10 one-octave bands and acts on their respective volume. All sound 'colorations' are possible in order to make the original message more relevant.

One of the most difficult challenges faced by a quality audio installation lies in the interconnection of its various constituent elements.

Whether it is to route the audio signal at the input (between the sound source and the amplifier) ​​or at the output (between the amplifier and the speakers), there are always compromises to be made, and the qualitative result is not always up to expectations.

For example, in a context of passive speakers and an external amplifier (the most common case today) the length of the connecting cables will quickly become a difficult problem to manage.

OLORON uses a lossless optical fiber daisy chain connection which considerably simplifies the problems of implementation.

Nothing could be easier to connect together 4, 6, 10, or even more speakers on the same sound source!

The external OLORON Channel Selector box allows the connection of a digital audio source - USB, SPDIF, Bluetooth - to all the speakers connected downstream.


Dimensions: 143 x 51 x 53 cm

Weight: 98kg (216lbs)

Machined piece of wood, dual color painted

106dB SPL Two ways coaxial sound system:

    350mm Woofer: acceleration and velocity control 28-180Hz

    135mm Wide band: velocity control 180-20000Hz

Full digital proprietary sound processor engine with time aligned linear phase filters

True current drive amplifiers

Full auto stop


Full specifications:

User manual:

Oloron now has its permanent showroom in the exceptional setting of the Hotel Majestic in Nice, within the '24 Hosts Club' led by master jeweler Jothi-Seroj

The showroom is located in the magnificent "Salon des Dames"

Le Majestic

4 Boulevard de Cimiez 

06000 Nice

By appointment only