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ROBIN-AUDIO will be present at the 2024 PARIS AUDIO VIDEO SHOW

OLORON 'Classic' 


OLORON 'Monitor' 


OLORON 'Domino' 


Oloron is a family of active speakers designed for very high fidelity sound reproduction.

In the spirit of the ideal wideband loudspeaker in a closed cabinet, ROBIN AUDIO designs two-way coaxial systems at the cutting edge of technology:

clean deep bass response thanks to the servo controlled woofer

'current drive' amplifiers for an overall distortion reduction and natural treble enhancement

10 bands equalizer for a better adaptation to the listening room

full digital architecture for the best possible sound processing

In addition, the digital lossless daisy chaining (optical SPDIF) allows virtually unlimited hardware configurations with very little implementation time.

OLORON 'Classic' 

ROBIN-AUDIO flagship: uncompromising technology for the best audio experience

28Hz-18kHz (+/-3dB) 106dbSPL @1m

Dimensions: 143 x 51 x 53 cm Weight: 98kg (216lbs)

2 ways coaxial sound system: 350mm servo woofer, 135mm wideband

Full specifications:

User manual:

OLORON 'Monitor

For high end studio monitoring / Hifi home systems

38Hz-17kHz (+/-3dB) 104dBSPL @1m

Dimensions: 101 x 39 x 44 cm Weight: 48kg (108lbs)

2 ways coaxial sound system: 310mm servo woofer, 75mm wideband

OLORON 'Domino

For studio monitoring / Hifi home systems

40Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB) 101dBSPL @1m

2 ways coaxial sound system: 200mm servo woofer/medium, 32mm tweeter

cut-off frequency: 3kHz

Dimensions: 36,5 x 27,5 x 29,5 cm Weight: 13kg (29lbs)

The external OLORON Channel Selector box allows the connection of a digital audio source - USB, SPDIF, AES/EBU, Bluetooth - to all the speakers connected downstream.

Oloron has its permanent showroom in the exceptional setting of the Hotel Majestic in Nice, within the '24 Hosts Club' led by master jeweler Jothi-Seroj

Le Majestic

4 Boulevard de Cimiez 

06000 Nice

By appointment only